Girl with a Pearl

About Us

We are Girl With A Pearl, LLC, a Nashville, Tennessee women-owned business specializing in the creation of unique, trendy, vintage and traditionally-inspired pearl jewelry. Our entire line is hand- selected, handmade, designed and processed from beginning to end by us, We promise a hands-on experience for our buyers when you shop with us.

We use freshwater and saltwater pearls— genuine, graded and matched for color and quality. All of the pearls used in our creations are cultured, meaning that a pre-formed bead ( instead of a naturally occurring irritant) has been implanted into an oyster. The result over time is a pearl with a preordained shape and size each with their own unique beauty. Common shapes are round, baroque, keshi and rice. We are known for our popular "Bam Bam" collection, our "Wild Pearl" designs and "The Edison," which we introduced in 2016. They are all as unique as the creations we offer.

Pearls come in a variety of colors depending on the type of mollusk in which they're grown, their diet, water temperature and pollutants. Each pearl has its own unique beauty and some degree of irregularity, which we believe contributes to their desirability. We hand-select each pearl from the pearl markets of The Far East. We employ an all-female team of artisans who assist us in making and assembling our designs in our studio in Nashville.

All earrings are sterling silver and gold-plated sterling posts , along with some necklace clasps. Otherwise, we use stainless steel coated in Rhodium.

Our crystals and semi-precious stones are of the finest quality. Every purchase comes with an attached Girl With A Pearl branded tag, a Certificate of Authenticity and a silk bag for your customer.

We want you to love your purchase. We are continually updating our offerings and value input from our customers on specific designs or requests you may have.

We hope you will shop with us now and for years to come.

Our Best,

Martha Flynn and Sharon Lowe